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Innherred Øyeklinikk AS
Phone number: 740 90 100
E-mail: post@innherredoyeklinikk.no
Organization number: 913 417 151.
Adress: Innherred Helsehus AS, Helge Ingstads vei 1, 7602 Levanger.

Opening hour:
Monday – Thursday: 0630 – 1530.
Friday: Closed, administration.

Phone hours:
Monday – Thursday: 0800 – 1100.
Friday: Closed, administration.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions!
Innherred Øyeklinikk welcomes you!

About the clinic

Innherred Øyeklinikk is a private clinic located in the heart of Levanger in Nord-Trøndelag.

Whatever your consern may be, from corneal and external eye disorders to conditions of macular degeneration or glaucoma, from diabetic eye check to dry eyes or pediatric eye disorders, or simply a routine eye examination, we can help.

The clinic use the most advanced, state- of- the-art diagnostic technology and treatment.

Responsible for the clinic is dr Lars-Reidar Hermansen who was trained as an ophtalmologist at the ophtalmology department at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim and in Namsos, Norway.

Practical information

The clinic has a refund agreement with the Norwegian health authorities. If you have a free card, there will be no fee or deductible.

You need a referral from your optician, from the health center or from a general practitioner. The waiting time tends to be short.

Patients will be charged the consultation fee if they do not turn up for the appointment, or cancel within 24 hrs of the scheduled time of the consultation.

Cancellation can be made by phone (740 90 100) og e-mail (post@innherredoyeklinikk.no).

Payment options are payment terminal (Visa only), invoice or cash.

If you need a translator, please let us know.  We can reservate a professional translator for you free of charge!

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